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30 травня 2023

SysAdmin (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, Дніпро, Ларнака (Кіпр), Варшава (Польща), віддалено

Project description

We’re looking for an experienced SysAdmin to web hosting and domain registration businesses. They are the market leader in Europe for providing services such as cloud, data centre, web hosting, email, certified email (PEC), and domain registration.

Technologies we use:

  • Physical Servers: Dell / Lenovo Technology
  • Vmware VSphere
  • Linux Systems (Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016-2019
  • Web Servers: Apache / Nginx / Wildfly
  • Load Balancers: Keepalived — HAproxy
  • Databases (at a system level, not DBA): Mysql / MongoDB / Redis / Ldap
  • Queue Managers: Kafka / Zookeepe
  • Keycloak
  • Kubernetes
  • SMTP / IMAP / POP3 Servers
  • Antispam/Antivirus: Spamassassin / Rspamd / Clamav / Sophos / Cloudmark


  • Dovecot: In-depth knowledge of Dovecot, an open-source email server necessary for accessing PEC accounts and managing messages.
  • Postfix: Proficiency in configuring and managing Postfix, a mail transport system (MTA) essential for routing and delivering PEC messages.
  • Rspamd: Experience in managing Rspamd, a spam filtering and detection system that helps ensure the security and integrity of email messages.
  • ClamAV: Familiarity with ClamAV, a widely used open-source antivirus for scanning and detecting malware in PEC emails.
  • Sophos: Competence in using and configuring Sophos, a cybersecurity solution that protects certified email accounts from external threats.
  • Cloudmark: A security and spam protection service that helps filter and block unwanted messages in the PEC mailbox.
  • Spamassassin: Knowledge of the features of Spamassassin, a rule-based spam filtering system that identifies and blocks unwanted messages in PEC communications.
  • HSM (Hardware Security Module): Experience using and managing hardware security modules for encrypting PEC communications to ensure message confidentiality and authenticity.
  • Intermediate English level

Planned Activities:

  • Executive Design and Low-Level Design.
  • Technical activities related to the installation and configuration of PEC-certified email solutions.
  • Support in defining monitoring solutions for PEC services and their infrastructure components.
  • Writing project documentation.
  • Collaboration with the project team to ensure that PEC solutions meet functional, security, and compliance requirements.
  • Support the Project Manager in planning activities.
  • Weekly progress meetings.
  • Support in problem resolution.
  • Support to the development team.
  • Support to the RUN (operations) team for testing and commissioning activities of IT solutions.
  • Production of operational documentation to support operations in managing IT solutions.
  • Production of the testing plan.

What you’ll get from working with us:

  • great compensation and social packages;
  • medical insurance;
  • education compensation;
  • opportunities for professional growth and support for skills development;
  • full reimbursement of certification (including AWS);
  • workation and relocation program (Larnaca, Warsaw)
  • financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
  • knowledge-sharing atmosphere;
  • team buildings and corporate activities;
  • special corporate currency and merch store.

We expect our future colleagues to have a solid technical background and take an active part in the development of a world-class product by proposing the best possible solutions. If it’s about you, please, send your CV to [email protected]