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27 жовтня 2022

Senior Java Developer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Харків, Львів, Дніпро, Одеса, Вінниця, Чернігів, Ужгород, Чернівці, за кордоном, віддалено

The opportunity

We are looking for a Senior/Lead Java Developer to join a big project from the UK. The client is a large global company with several digital retailers. It is the number one destination for shoppers who value flexible payment options. It receives over 2.2 million visits every day. The client is focused on modernizing its existing systems and platforms, utilizing a wider variety of modern, cloud-based technologies.

The Ideal Candidate

— minimum 4 years of Java development experience;
— deep knowledge of Spring and Spring Boot;
— proven experience with setting up, building and maintaining microservices architectures;
experience of working with REST-based APIs and integrations with third party systems;
— knowledge of one or more cloud provider landscapes and their services for AWS;
— knowledge of Serverless Frameworks/Tools i.e. (Lambda) for AWS, Azure or GCP;
— solid understanding of scaling, monitoring and logging when using cloud services for building applications;
— proven experience with setting up and maintaining continuous integration and delivery pipelines;
— experience with Docker and Kubernetes, preferably in enterprise environments;
— experience with infra-as-code solutions like Terraform;
— experience or affinity with Commerce and Experience platforms;
— excellent spoken and written English;
— experience with Agile and Scrum methodologies and working in cross-functional teams.


— experience in other modern languages and frameworks like C#, Typescript, NodeJS, GoLang and Python. Leadership experience;
— сertification with AWS, Azure, or GCP will be a plus.

The Role

As a Senior Java Developer you’ll be expected to:

— build and maintain the glue between touchpoints (websites, in-store kiosks, device touchscreen, apps, etc.) and cloud-native solutions. These can be third-party API based SaaS/PaaS solutions of partners that you configure and extend, but also (micro)services and applications that you yourself build using public cloud services;
— create end-to-end solutions together with a team of colleagues working in different disciplines, ranging from cloud engineers (infra) to UI developers and from Business Analysts to Quality Assurance Engineers. Solutions involve integrations with frontends, third-party API’s like Payment and back-office systems, which act as systems of record for business-critical data.
— do within the context of MACH architectures (Microservices, API-first, Headless, and Cloud-Native) leveraging SaaS and FaaS platforms like Commercetools, Contentstack, Contentful, Vue Storefront, and Frontastic;
— focus on performance, stability, and traceability in everything you do and seek only the highest quality in code;
— be responsible for (infra-as-code) deployments and align with the cloud engineering team to get stuff done when responsibilities cross into their territory.

As a Lead Java Developer you’ll be expected to:
— Lead the development of selected solutions and integrations;
— Organize and structure the development efforts;
— Mentor/motivate the development teams to take ownership of their contribution to successful projects;

As a consultant, you are expected to develop expertise both in technology and in communicating complex concepts and rationale to non-techies. We’ll encourage and support this with frequent opportunities to share ideas internally. We also have consultants frequently deliver at regional, national and global conferences.

What Balance Means to Us

— 20 working days of vacation;
— medical insurance;
— sick leave (up to 20 days a year);
— unpaid leave (up to 20 days a year);
— exceptional days off (2 days);
— private entrepreneur leave (2 days);
— ability to participate in Global Valtech R&D initiatives.