Poklyk is a Ukrainian product IT company dedicated to making life better and simpler for small and medium-sized businesses. What began as a small service evolved into a startup and eventually transformed into a leading SaaS product for service-based companies.
16 лютого 2024

DevOps Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, за кордоном, віддалено до $4000

Poklyk is a product company specializing in developing and advancing our web and mobile applications, orderry.com and remonline.app, designed for SME automation. Our services empower businesses to streamline processes and embrace a more technological approach.

Stack: Scaleway, DigitalOcean, AWS S3, Cloudflare, Docker, Kubernetes, DataDog, Grafana, Prometheus, Helm, Argo CD, GitHub actions, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, Python

— 3+ years of experience working as a DevOps Engineer
— Proficiency in Docker and Kubernetes for seamless container orchestration.
— Utilization of cutting-edge monitoring tools such as Grafana, Prometheus/LOKI, and Data Dog to ensure efficient system performance.
— Mastery of programming languages like Python, Go, or JavaScript, empowering me to enhance automation and efficiency.
— Demonstrated expertise in bash scripting for seamless automation and task execution.
— Extensive experience with Jenkins for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
— Proficient utilization of Git for version control and collaborative development.
— Profound understanding of CI/CD processes, allowing for the construction of efficient pipelines.
— Hands-on experience with Argo CD and Helm for streamlined application deployment and management.
— Competence in configuring ingress controllers like ISTIO for efficient traffic management.
— Familiarity with infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform or Ansible for scalable and maintainable infrastructure provisioning.
— Expertise in setting up and maintaining robust production-grade monitoring and logging systems.
— In-depth comprehension of building and managing reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure for seamless operations.
— Strong problem-solving skills, enabling efficient troubleshooting and resolution of complex issues


— Maintain and improve existing cloud infrastructure
— Setting up and improving CI/CD processes
— Creation and development of the test environment
— Improve and manage the existing monitoring system
— Make Jenkins processes run smooth and reliable
— Migrate auto-tests infrastructure from TeamCity to Jenkins
— Production databases replication
— Participate in cloud migration to GCP

Would be a plus

— Experience with relational databases such as PostgreSQL
— Experience with Elastic search

Work conditions

— Official employment.
— Your direct involvement in product development; we discuss every proposal for service improvement with the entire team.
— Opportunity to work in an IT company recognized as a market leader in business automation services critical to the Ukrainian economy.
— Flexibility to work in a hybrid format or remotely.
— You become part of a company that has won prestigious programs such as MasterCard Start Path Ukraine, Google for Startups, and more.
— 18 working days of vacation, 10 paid days off, and sick leave.
— English language courses.
— Compensation for course expenses, webinars, and other related activities.
— We provide legal and accounting support.