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20 лютого 2024

AWS Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Львів, Вінниця, за кордоном, віддалено

A computer services company for the Icelandic fish auctions. Connects 15 fish auctions in 30 locations into one auction network. It conducts daily auctions where 200–300 buyers purchase fresh fish remotely in real-time. Collects buyer payments and disburses sellers, auctions, harbors, government, etc.

Country: Netherlands

Requirements for AWS specialist:

  • AWS Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB
  • Terraform
  • Python and/or .NET
  • API Gateway in AWS
  • Postgres
  • Github pipelines
  • Swagger
  • Postman


  • Datadog
  • AWS SageMaker
  • QuickSight in AWS


  • AWS Solution Architect Professional certified by AWS
  • Computer Science

Role Responsibilities

  • Learn about our AWS environment, document it in Confluence. Improve its performance, logging, and decrease cost as much as possible.
  • Develop new AWS lambdas for our project and improve older ones. Make them as efficient as possible for future development. Document all in Confluence.
  • Develop our API in AWS Lambdas with APIGateway, document it in Swagger, versionize it, and make it more efficient. Document all in Confluence.
  • Develop more data collectors in AWS lambda and make shared data between our environments more efficient. Document all in Confluence.
  • Lay the ground for a completely new system‘s backend in AWS using the API first and Test-driven development as our guidelines.
  • Back up our current team for AWS projects when developing new projects and creating guidelines.

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Allocation: Long-term / Full-time

Our team: 1 RoR developer, 1 AWS specialist (vacancy).
Customer team: 5 in-house engineers in Iceland.

Hiring Stages: HR Interview, Technical Interview, Final Interview with Customer.