11 вакансій за запитом «CLARYFI»

  • 19 лютого 2024
    Sportsbook Manager в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a Sportsbook Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and developing the bookmaking product. This includes managing odds, analyzing data and statistics, and crafting strategies to attract customers. Company Overview: Welcome to CLARYFI!
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Key Account Manager в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    The Key Account Manager, will play a crucial role in the iGaming project. Responsibilities include negotiating with game providers, fostering strong customer relationships, and serving as the main contact for expertise.
  • 16 лютого 2024
    iGaming coordinator в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    We’re creating a specialized position focused on overseeing game testing, release processes, documentation preparation, task assignment for creative development, tournament preparation, promotional activities, terms writing and approval, and comprehensive reporting to providers...
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Chief Operating Officer в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    It’s time to apply your expertise on a larger scale! As the Chief Operating Officer, you will play a crucial role in developing and executing our business strategies, setting operational goals, and aligning them with our overall vision.
  • 15 лютого 2024
    Media Buyer в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a Media buyer, you’ll be at the forefront of an exhilarating journey into the world of online entertainment. Your mission is clear: attract new customers, master the art of traffic acquisition, and establish pivotal partnerships that drive our brand forward.
  • 14 лютого 2024
    Email Marketing / Retention Manager в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a Retention manager, you will have the opportunity to face interesting challenges!
  • 13 лютого 2024
    Travel Manager в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    As a Travel Manager you will be responsible for managing and coordinating all travel-related activities for the company’s employees. This includes booking flights, accommodations, transportation, and other travel arrangements.
  • 13 лютого 2024
    PR Manager в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія), віддалено
    As a PR Manager, you will research media outlets, build relationships, create content, organize events, and ensure articles are published. Support PR agencies, help plan events and analyze the results! Company Overview: Welcome to CLARIFY!
  • 9 лютого 2024
    HR People Partner в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    As an HR People Partner, you play a key role in supporting management teams to achieve HR effectiveness and implement strategic change within the organization.
  • 9 лютого 2024
    Junior PHP Developer в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    We are looking for an ambitious junior PHP developer who is ready to take on new challenges, contribute to our dynamic CLARYFI team and grow and develop with us! Company Overview: Welcome to CLARIFY!
  • 29 січня 2024
    Security Administrator в CLARYFI Варна (Болгарія)
    Security Administrator will participate in security incident management and vulnerability management processes. Company Overview: Welcome to CLARYFI! We are a rapidly growing IT ecosystem located in the picturesque coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria.
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